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Instructions for Parents & Students

Dear Parents,

According to the Government’s Directive, due to Corona virus, all Educational Institutions will be closed till 31 May 2020. DHA Education System has provided online Educational support for its students,so that they utilize their time in the most effective manner. You are required to follow given instructions for timely completion of tasks:-

  1. Students / Parents should access the Portal through
  2. For your convenience a Tutorial is provided. Click on the "Help" button for the Tutorial that explains how to use the Portal.
  3. If the Portal cannot be accessed or the Student does not have Computer, Tab, Smartphone etc, parents are required to collect the “Weekly Assignment Pack” from School Reception on every Monday morning.
  4. Assignments will be Uploaded on weekly basis.
  5. Weekly Tasks will be uploaded on the Portal on every Sunday. The Tasks will comprise of the following:-
  6. a. Lesson
    b. Educational Resources
    c. Assignments
  7. 6. Students are required to go through their Assignments on the Portal and Attempt them on Loose Sheets, Registers etc. Taking the print outs of the worksheets / Assignments is not mandatory.
  8. We will also Share the Solved Assignments/Answers of all the Tasks on the Portal on every Saturday. Help your Child in Checking/Marking the Assignments so that he/she receives Timely Feedback about his/her Performance.
  9. After Completion of the four Weeks, the Solved Assignments are required to be submitted at Respective School’s Reception for Counter Checking/Marking.
  10. For Further Guidance feel free to Contact the Class Teacher of your Child or the School’s Principal.
Parent's Role
  1. Encourage, Guide, and Help your Child to complete the Assignments in time.
  2. Follow the Teacher's Written Instructions along with Audio and Video Resources on the given Assignment for Effective Guidance and Online Teaching.
  3. Make a Daily Time Table to help and Support your Children.
  4. Children should study at least 3-4 hours daily.